Friday, June 11, 2010

In the begining... there was Bianca!!!

If I had to have a muse Bianca Williams would be my muse. She was the first model i tested with
when I started shooting. What can I say about this young lady, everything!!! She has a quiet grace and elegance that surpass her age. I met Bianca thru her uncle my good friend Douglas Says, who styled the shoot and design most of the clothes she wore. The energy she gives and how easy she takes directions makes shooting her just plain fun!!! If all the models I work with where like her
I be a happy man. She has set the standards that I look for in a model, someone who is on time, has plenty of energy and willing to work. Bianca has set the bar real high....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introducing Jessica Crawford....enuff said!

When some one calls me to shoot them or a friend who wants to be a model, I sometimes question their judgement. but when Drew Felton calls and says he has a model he wants me to shoot, I need not question him and just shoot the model. That why I'm was so please to have the
honor and pleasure to shoot the model Jessica Crawford. Jessica is this year's winner of the John
Blassingame model competition . What can I say about Jessica, one word only refreshing and a joy to work with. She's easy to work with and takes direction and most important she's willing to learn more. I see great things for this young lady's future. Thank you Drew!